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God’s Light in Her Eyes

Updated: May 26, 2021

Laying here lost and all alone, I have found a love on this earth like I’ve never known. I had heard about the love from above, how God’s Holy Spirit caressed and cleansed us like a white precious dove. But I never knew that we could have it on this planet, I always took it that humans were hateful, cruel and selfish, for granted. However right here and now God has blessed me with a love so pure, a love that is giving, selfless and sure. I’ve never felt so connected to another living person, I’ll never want to be with another of that, I am certain. Because she is the ONE so kind and so true, that’s how I know Lord that she’s a gift you have given me, straight from you. My father, I ask you to watch over our lives as we walk this worldly trail, keep us safe, guide us true and guard my heart so I never fail. For to fail her dear Lord would be to fail you too, because I know the light in her eyes is your love shinning through. Dear God I ask you to hear my plea, help me to be the best man for her that I can be. Because I want her my Father to always see, YOUR love in my eyes when she’s looking at me. Written for Karin, by Jimmy Maxwell Copyright 2014 J.S.Maxwell

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