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Jimmy Maxwell


JIMMY MAXWELL . . .AKA James Steven Maxwell is a published author and convict. He wrote the popular "American Outlaw" series. See his Amazon page.  Jimmy currently is an inmate in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in Tulsa. He is the father of Brandon Maxwell who was also incarcerated at the age of 18 and resides at 3200 S.W. Kings Highway Cimarron Correctional Facility. The patriarch of the prominent Maxwell prison family, Jimmy was a ranking member at the highest level of Oklahoma’s A.B., the Universal/United Aryan Brotherhood. Though he retired his patch in 2012 after he got saved, he did so with honor and the blessing of those who love and are loyal to him, and still remains an extremely respected and influential member of the prison community on the State and Federal levels.

Watch Jimmy on MSNBC's Lockup and Investigation Discovery's "I almost got away with it"



He appears on shows such as MSNBC’s "Lock Up" (Tulsa Extended Stay), Investigation Discovery's "I Almost Got Away With It" and the many news accounts of his daring exploits in and out of prison. The survivor of 5 different riots, he has escaped incarceration on multiple occasions from prison, jail and reform schools, as well as evading capture from the U.S. Marshals and the States Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force for months on end. He’s narrowly avoided apprehension and death time and again… from which he now writes books and stories.

Jimmy Maxwell is a deep and introspective thinker who looks back on his lifetime with many regrets. He says that no matter what good or nice things may be said about him, a man’s claim to fame should not be all about the wrong he has done, harm he has caused, or how good a convict he has been. From the deepest part of him Jimmy would like to go back and change his wrongs to right, turning right instead of left on many of the paths he has traveled… leaving him to have been a free, hard-working, honest, loving, devoted father and husband, son and brother. He wishes he’d not only raised his kids to be true to themselves, but to the Lord and the community also, leaving them happy, free and productive.

Mr. Maxwell's sense of failure in his paternal guidance, from which he fears several of his kids have had drug and legal problems themselves. As well as, the wreck he has made of his own life, is an underlying current which seems to keep Jimmy grounded and humble as we pick up his stories. He puts a good face to the adage that no matter who we are or where we come from, we can always choose to make the most of things, to change the negatives into positives. We can be different better people to ourselves and to one another if we decide too. Life is not over until it’s over and there is help in heaven if we ask.

He hopes at the end of the day to be an inspiration of change to others who may think there is no hope for themselves… that believe they have screwed things up beyond repair. Whether they have been in trouble with the law or not, we all make mistakes. Though we have to live with and deal with the consequences for the things we have done, we can rebuild ourselves from the inside out. —Justin Case, Senior Editor, Mad Max Media and, From Inside—Out Publications.


Books Written:


American Outlaw: Price of Pride Available Now! Paperback and Kindle available on Amazon.

American Kidd: End of Innocence Available Now! Paperback and Kindle available on Amazon.

Tangle Eye.  Available Now! 

American Teenager: Ward of the Court Coming soon.

American BadAss: The Gangster Years Coming soon..

*Books contain violence, adult content, and language that would not be appropriate for children.



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Jimmy Maxwell's Amazon authors page. Overcoming the odds. Turning his chains into change.

Jimmy Maxwell is also on Instagram, check it out..


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